There are many times when amongst the constant distraction and multiple tuggings of social networking I found it very hard to concentrate and do some writing. Barely, a minute would pass by before I would minimize my app and once again check out what everyone else is doing. That was when I came across the wonderful app Ommwriter. Yet just like everything else, it was just for the Mac.

So, taking the matter into my own hands I decided to code an app which could do something atleast similar to my inspiration. After toiling hard for some time I finally present to you the fruits of my labour: “NAN - Not Another Notepad ” I believe it captures the essence of creating a writing experience, sprinkled with a dash of modernity. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. (Which, admittedly, was not very much ;) )

Without further ado,Download
Download the latest version of NAN
NAN hosted at

How to use NAN ?

Ok, enough talk. Bring it on.

Click the image to enlarge.

This is the default view when you open NAN. It consists of a text field which is for typing in text and a toolbar in the side which is for performing certain operations. Pretty Simple, Eh?

How can I hack it ?

Where's the thrill in a program in which you cannot change what you want. Although I'm working on adding a preferences dialog, in the meantime, you can use a quick-hack to change both the music and the background image.

Go to the directory in which NAN is installed. In that replace the following files with the the new files of your choice. Remember to rename the files you copied to the same name as here. bg.wav - The background music ./images/bg.jpg - The background image

See? I quite enjoy making other people work.

Are u a Geek ?

Is long syntax commands your perfect cup of tea ? Then you are exactly what we nee. Then do join the NAN team at Sourceforge Net. Contribute to the project

Help Develop NAN


Q: Will NAN support X and X feature in the future ?

A: NO. NAN is supposed to be a minimalistic editor. So, in keeping tune with that it'll support only the bare basic functionality of a text editor.

Q: Is NAN the 42nd greates invention in the world ?

A: Yes. The 41th being Wikipedia.

Questions will be added as they are frequently asked here.

Wanna say Hello ?

Hi ! I'm Gautham Ponnu and I created NAN.
email: gautham [dot] go @ gmail [dot] com

I can’t believe you made it this far. Excellent job, and thank you. I’ll shut up now, run along and start working !